1. erect, set up, raise, rear; encamp, station, locate, situate.
2. establish, fix, determine, decide upon, settle, set, stabilize; plant, put, place.
3. fling, cast, throw, toss; heave, hurl, sling, catapult, launch; dart, Brit. Sl. bung, fire, shoot, let sail or fly; dash, chuck, send, Inf. put some oomph into it; All Baseball. peg, throw smoke, put smoke on it, bear down, throw a high, hard one.
4. pave, revet, cobble, face, tar.
5. fall down, take a spill, tumble; go head over heels, plunge, plummet, dive, take a nosedive; fall over, keel over, collapse, slump, crumple, fall into a heap.
6.(usu. of a ship) lurch, roll, reel, flounder, welter, wallow, make heavy weather, be the sport of wind and waves; keel, list, sway, rock.
7. dip, decline, slope, incline, slant, tilt, tip, cant, go downhill.
8. pitch in
contribute, add to, bear a part; join in, help, assist, lend a hand, be of service.
9. pitch into
Informal. assail, attack, assault, set upon, Sl. jump; beset, besiege, importune, harass, harry; revile, vituperate, abuse, belabor, lash, rail against, light into, Inf. sail into, Inf. tear into Inf. rip into, Inf. lace into, Inf. jump down [s.o.'s] throat.
10. pitch onor upon
choose, pick, light on, single out, decide on, determine, elect, opt for.
11. position, level, grade, rung, place, station; degree, extent, reach, compass, range, measure, rate; point.
12. angle, inclination, slope, slant, tilt, cant; declivity, downgrade, decline, dip, drop, descent.
13. highest point, height, summit, top, crown, peak, apex, zenith.
14.(all of music, speech, etc.) tone, tonality, timbre, key; color, modulation, intensity, depth, gravity.
15. throw, toss, Chiefly Brit. chuck, Chiefly Baseball Sl. peg, cast, heave, hurl, fling, serve, jaculation.
16. forward plunge, jerk; lurch, list, roll, reel, toss, tumble; swing, sway, veer, swerve, skew; stagger, totter.
17.Slang. sales talk, approach, Inf. spiel, fast talk, hard sell, Sl. line, Inf. song and dance, Sl. bill of goods.
bitumen, asphalt, maltha, gilsonite, tar; colophony, rosin, resin, mastic; sap, turpentine.

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